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International Forum V on the Awakening of Conscience in support of UN Day in Silicon Valley

      On October 26th, 2014, Tai Ji Men San Jose Qigong Academy held the International Forum V on the Awakening of Conscience in support of the United Nations Day to celebrate the United Nations 69th anniversary. Ever since after World War II, the United Nations has been dedicated to solving the many pressing issues of the world, such as protection of human rights, primary education, protection of vulnerable children, gender equality, conflict resolution, disease prevention, poverty eradication, humanitarian assistance, cultural preservation, environmental protection, and sustainable development. The United Nations and volunteers around the world have made great progress over the years. However old problems remain as new ones continue to come up.


Attendants from International Forum V on the Awakening of Conscience dressed up in different costumes in support of UN Day in Silicon Valley

      This year’s theme for UN Day is Global Citizenship and Youth. Dr. Hong Tao- Tze, Zhang-Men-Ren of Tai Ji Men, and President of Federation of World Peace and Love (FOWPAL), in today’s forum talked about rebuilding a culture of conscience. Dr. Hong’s speech, read by Alex Tsai, stated, “We now face daunting challenges in our natural and human environments. World citizens are in a race against time, fighting against the power of evil and a deteriorating environment.

Damon Tsai, product marketing manager of KLA-Tencor, shared the topic of Environment Challenge and Sustainable Development


The play of Mousetrap showed: things that appear do not affect you will affect you in unexpected way. World citizens should take time to take care surroundings.

      What we need is a heart of conscience. Every one of us should nurture and protect the pure conscience in our hearts that tell right from wrong and gather the strength to resist temptations. We must be willing to bravely take actions and give our time and efforts to consolidate the kind hearts and good intentions of the people of the world. The powerful collective energies of conscience will improve our society and save ourselves, our families, the world and future generations”

      At today’s forum, many students from local schools shared their thoughts on today's society and how conscience plays a part in it. Chris Tsai, De Anza College student talked about Parity in Social Infrastructure and Uneven Distribution of Wealth. Edmund Shen, Monta Vista High School student, discussed with audience about Media. Sharon Chin, Fremont High School student shared her experience in Chicago this summer. Nicole Chen, Harker Middle School student, talked about ISIS. Vincent Cheng Lynbrook High School, shared about World Hunger. Valerie

      Tseng, Miller Middle School student discussed Knowledge Based Fear.

      Along with them, AACI counselor Chi-Jung Lin talked about Human Right at Home; owner of Instant Tek Solutions, Allen Chang talked about Make a Life or 
Make a Living; and the product marketing manager of KLA-Tencor Damon Tsai talked about Environment Challenge and Sustainable Development.

      Since Halloween is next week, many attendants of today's forum dressed up in different costumes. Everything, even the clothes they wore, was meaningful. For example, one of our speakers Chi-Jung Lin dressed up as superwomen to honor all of the domestic violence survivors. Jessica Lu, Bret Harte Middle School student, dressed up as Minions, mentioned world citizens should work together, like Minions since they work together.

      After the forum, an international food fair was served including foods from France, Japan, Singapore, the Middle East, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan and etc. for attendants to learn about different cousin to celebrate United Nations Day.