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2014 International Day of Peace Awakening the conscience in order to save the world

Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze
President of Federation of World Peace and Love
Vice-President and Member of Advisory Board of AWC,
NGO in Consultative Status with ECOSOC and Associated with the UN DPI
Zhang-men-ren of Tai Ji Men
Sep. 21, 2014


In the face of ongoing wars in our troubled world, an awakening of conscience is needed.

In the face of depleting resources and frequent natural disasters, an awakening of conscience is needed.

      In response to the UN International Day of Peace, we need to extend our connection with global non-governmental organizations to contribute professional experiences and wisdom by providing suggestions and solutions to take immediate actions to save the world.

      Conscience is the fundamental key to facilitate international cooperation, protect human rights and resolve conflicts. In order to nurture all living creatures on this planet, human beings need to act in accordance with their conscience and to practice the rule of heaven. The key to achieving sustainable development for the Earth and human civilization lies in following the thoughts of kindness in our hearts. It takes our unselfish cooperation to build the path to long-term peace and harmony among stakeholders of the Earth. All of us are bound together in a chain of common destiny. Every world citizen is endowed with the indispensable energy of wisdom and kindness that is necessary to turn around the world for the better.

      Conscience is the sustainable energy of mankind. Sunlight, air, and water nourish man and all living things. Yet, these resources are jeopardized due to the destruction of nature caused by the humans, forcing Mother Nature to fight back. This natural rebalancing in the universe through exchanges of positive and negative energies is deeply tied to the state of the hearts of the people.

      According to a study conducted in 2012, 125 million people worldwide suffer from toxic environmental conditions due to pollution. The research indicates that external toxins have increased diseases, impaired abilities, genetic mutation and other hazards. What is more troubling is the invisible toxin that is polluting people internally – the corruption of the hearts of mankind. This kind of pollution is the hardest to clean. Yet, in the modern society, people are constantly faced with tremendous amounts of stress, temptation, anger and other forms of toxins that invade their hearts; resulting in depression which then becomes corruption. Those with discouraged hearts have no energy, and those with darkened hearts have no sense of right and wrong. Those with kind hearts need more heart-warming energy to inspire themselves and others. By conjoining all the good words spoken and good deeds achieved, a powerful source of warmth and brightness is stimulated. With the endless supply of love and peace, the current environment may be improved, and conflicts may be defused.

       Advancements in technology have brought more alienation in the souls of people. Unhappiness leads to an increase in illness. Balancing development of technology and the stability of minds is necessary in order to regain the livelihood of all creatures, to promote economic growth and to achieve sustainable living. Conscience is the positive force that can stabilize the world. Laugher may resolve a thousand struggles, yet a thousand dollars may not be exchanged for a smile. The Earth is ill, and so is mankind. Smiles exist in a harmonious and secure place. Conscience is the only cure to heal the problems in our internal and external environments. It is the remedy that can truly save the world and allows peace for all.

      The world is full of diversity. Despite of the wide diversity, there is one thing in common for all human beings. That is the conscience in everyone’s heart. We have to start from the common ground of people in order to find the solutions to the pressing problems we face today. The awakening of individual’s conscience leads to purification of life and peaceful family. The awakening of conscience in professional fields leads to the respect of human rights and a people-oriented harmonious society. The awakening of conscience in politics leads to better rule of law; balanced economies and the cultural revitalization leads to a nation of affluence and prosperity. The awakening of global conscience leads to stability, security, peace of mind, and world peace.

      In this convoluted world full of distractions, we need to listen very carefully to the calling from our conscience which will guide us along the right path. Every courageous man who follows his/her conscience will have the power to improve the world and to alter the destiny of mankind. An era of conscience is an achievable ideal that starts with pragmatic efforts. Let us work diligently for a peaceful world where children’s delightful smiles are a reality.